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Meeting Charlie 

Dear  Charlie,

we are born into this world on someone else’s terms. Then we are expected to manage its monstrosities, feeding from the hand that they give us.

But if those who birth us tube down our throats that we are nothing but selfish, lazy and ungrateful we are painted the toxic view of the world from that point forward.

We are made to breath down these negative spirals and believe them to be the truth.

However, every time I meet you Charlie, hunched over a card in the bathroom stall of a club vibrating the stench of sweaty bodies and rotten feet, I smile. You make me happy again. You awake my tired body and exalt it with joy, putting a spring in my step as gibberish leaks itself away from my mouth into the atmosphere. You help me to believe in myself and rein my own destiny, a throne in my future.

And then, as suddenly as you come, you disappear again. Hanging me by the arms of a noose, lowering my depraved mass into the body of a dark, dismal well.

Only for me to look up and pray your glorious snow will fall onto me again. Bringing with it you, my dear Charlie, with all your wonderful and splendid hopes, dreams and promises.

Missing you,

the grin of a lost girl
nakedstreetkid out x


NaBloPoMo Blues

So, after NaBloPoMo, I had sort of resolved that I would take a break from blogging so frequently. And I didn’t know how long this break would take, just that it would take a while and I needed it.

But apparently I was unable to do that.

I have drafts in my notes that I scribbled down during the day, my diary is filled with pages and pages of writing over the last three days because I am craving to continue to write and let my creative juices flow in any way possible. So, screw a bloody break, it is time to post again. As much and as frequently as I would like.

And guys, I have a lot on my mind, so sit tight, put your seatbelts on and ready yourself mentally for I shall actually start posting again. And as I said, as FREQUENTLY as I would like to.

Nakedstreetkid out xx 🙂