Favourite Spot

I wish that I could show you my favourite places 

Like my spot by the Thames 


Other than the sound of the river waving back at you 

As you stare intently at the reflection of the moon in the eye of the water 

It’s beautiful 

Far more beautiful than this place here 

This place which I’ve had to accept into the fold due to its proximity to home 

That’s been overgrown by humankind 

That has artificial lights dangling by strings 

Which shines brightly at night, casting shadows against the ground 

But is littered by an array of people 

I dislike it but make do with it 

It has its own brand of beauty 

Perhaps not on the same scale as my spot by the Thames 

But beautiful nonetheless 


5 thoughts on “Favourite Spot”

    1. I should perhaps add clarity to that.

      For the majority of my life I’ve lived relatively close to the River Thames. However, this also meant that I lived in the City, engulfed by sky rise buildings and an elaborate amount of poverty – growing up it was quite suffocating.

      The Thames was the only thing that ever took me away from the concrete feeling of where I lived. It was the only place that remained intact from humankind’s constant meddling. In that sense, it was very calming, reconnecting to nature. Made me feel I was in a different place, no longer in the city.

      I go there when I’m sad – I’ve mentioned it once before in this post: http://wp.me/p3C6rP-dl

      I hope I explained it!

  1. You did and as I was reading I could picture it. Have you ever thought how you can bring a piece of the Thames and what it means to you into your home environment so you get to experience it every day, or when ever you need it. Is it a photo, is it a book, is it music, is it colour, is it a little herb garden, what is it for you? I love the beach and it is my favourite spot to go when I need to ground myself. I have pictures and colours in my house that when I can’t get to the beach are my second best option. Just a thought as the more we can bring into our life what grounds and calms us, the more fulfilled we become. Love your stories nakedstreetkid, keep up the great work.

    1. It’s the fresh air, the smell of salt water, old wood, the greatness of the river, the houses that lines its shore… I’ve tried buying a bath bomb that smells like sea salt, next time I’ll take a picture of the river, maybe take time to draw it myself actually so I can capture what I love the most 😊 Thank you so much for the suggestion, I don’t know why I never thought of it before 😘

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