Waking Brothers and Responsibility Rant

I am sick and tired of it being somehow my responsibility to wake up my 29 year old brother. He’s 29 years old, mum, I can’t believe you expect me to keep tabs on him throughout the morning and make sure he’s awake on time for work. When really, it should be his own responsibility. He is 29 years old. I shouldn’t really be becoming his very own personal human alarm. No. I won’t accept it.

Especially when he’s the one staying up all night knowing full well he has work or whatever in the morning. And it’s not some of the time, it’s all of the time. He expects someone to wake him up when that shouldn’t be the case. I’m bloody 19 years old and for the past 8 years (since I’ve started Secondary School) I have been able to wake myself up in the morning, have a shower, have breakfast and get to school or work on time without someone having to shake me awake.

Not to mention the actual stress of waking someone up who can throw some mediocre insult at you because they’re older than you. Or, even blame you or get frustrated at you when you wake them up at the time you normally wake them up which is apparently the wrong time now because I am somehow supposed to know that they needed to wake up earlier that day. Yes, I am supposed to be telepathically aware that you need to wake at 6am instead of your normal 8am time. Yes, of course me, it’s completely my fault. So go ahead, shout, hurl abuse my way and bang things around like a child having a tantrum does because it is completely my fault.

For god sakes, the sooner people in my tiny house realise I am not responsible for every goddamn human in the house waking up on time, the better. For I am not a human alarm and I am not responsible for all of them.

And yes, I don’t mind occasionally waking them up and checking if they have somewhere to go. But don’t expect it every gosh damn time. And when I do it, realise that it’s out of the goodness of my own heart and I most certainly do not expect to be thrown under the bus for such an act.


Rant over.

Nakedstreetkid out x


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