Cinemas and Conversations

Today I’m actually going out with a friend that I haven’t seen in about a month, so I’m actually quite excited about that. At the same time, I’m equally worried because I’ve always viewed her as better than me. Mostly because she is an intellectual wizard and now also as she did actually make it to university with flying colour (A*AA), where as I (CCC) did not.

So, sometimes I find it a struggle to talk to her only because I’m not going through the struggles of university at the moment. Instead, I’m actually troubling myself with the effort to meet those struggles eventually with all this hard work. So it may actually be difficult to have a conversation. But hopefully, because we are friends, we can continue to talk about all that we connected on in the first place.

However, realistically, we are going to go watch a movie together, so that involves very little talking. And if anything our conversations would revolve right around the movie itself. Which is a good thing as our conversations shouldn’t enter anything deeper than that.

Hm, do wish me luck!

Nakedstreetkid out! 🙂


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