I don’t write nearly enough as I should. And when I do, it is usually just nonsense.

I’m awake again though, in the middle of the night. I can’t fall asleep. Again. So, I decided to watch a movie. You know, they say that re-watching a familiar film gives your brain a sense of satisfaction as it remembers the way it resolves. It’s comforting to the brain. Unfortunately, the film was far too riveting for me to rely on that comfort to lull me to sleep. I’m awake, wide awake. So, I hope that writing will encourage me to sleep. It did so last time.

I couldn’t really tell you what I’m thinking about. My thoughts are rounding itself in circles. I go from being anxious about the end of the year, anxious about cleaning and decluttering the house to an image of super mario jumping in my mind and Reptile from Rugrats coming alive.

It is a strange one.

Anyway, writing works like a charm, I am now tired. Talk later.

Nakedstreetkid out oxo


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