Boxing Day Gift

As I said before, I didn’t really get gifts on Christmas. But do you know what, I didn’t let that bring me down too much because Christmas is about giving and not about receiving.

So, instead, I decided to give myself a few things that I really wanted during the Boxing Day sales. I went to H&M and Peacocks to buy a few things I’ve really wanted at a discounted price.

I got a set of Pajama’s for a decent price and Adventure Time wrist bands. All from Peacocks for six quid. Which I’m quite happy with. And then I got a dress which, by the way, looks terrible on me from H&M. Which is my fault because I couldn’t wait for as long as the line was, so ducked as soon as possible.

Oh, and because it was Boxing Day, my sister was able to buy me a walkman and sharpie pens which I’m bloody happy with. It makes me smile. It may have broken the bad omen.

Anyway, I’m finally falling asleep, so, I shall say my goodbyes here.

Goodnight guys,

Nakedstreetkid out x


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