Christmas update

Merry Christmas everyone!

I feel almost obligated to say what I did for Christmas this year, so I’m going to write something very brief and then resume lazing around as per usual.

Christmas was okay this year. But involved about 3 big “events” so I’m knackered now from all the people! Ew.

Anyway, I had a birthday party for my niece on the 22nd of which I knew absolutely no one there. Meaning I was completely and utterly anxious throughout the event. And these strangers did not leave until the early hours of the morning. Ugh.

After that, we had Christmas, which this year, was nice and small and intimate. It wasn’t as stressful as I’ve had in previous years but only because it acted more as a family gathering and less as an annoyance. I really liked it. I didn’t get any presents though on Christmas which I saw – and still do see – as a terrible omen. Strange but true. Everything else went smoothly, food, drinks, games and bed.

Boxing Day is when we have our real Christmas with our “extended” family i.e. our friends. We invite them all over, have a good old time and I didn’t go to bed until 5 in the morning, playing card games and all that with everyone. Most people left at 11/11:30pm, those who stayed after midnight didn’t leave until about 5/6am. It was great! I actually enjoyed Boxing Day.

This was a more “recite my day” post, but I’ll post something proper in a couple of days. I’m just tired and wanna sleep now.

Talk later x


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