Half way there

Heya guys!

So, on Monday I had my therapy session. Remember this was after a two week hiatus, so I decided to write a few notes on that and here they are:

Today was good. Strange but good.

I was really nervous going in. Mainly because I was worried about any awkwardness that may be caused by my inability to communicate as effectively as I would want to in that situation. So, I tackled that with just showing her my diary. Not the whole thing, we would not have time, trust me, it’s bloody long. I just showed her an entry detailing my apprehension towards coming back to therapy.

Which I’m glad I did because we were able to talk about it and sort of just deal with it before going forward. She reassured me about everything, saying that if she really didn’t understand anything, she would ask me questions to clarify, so I shouldn’t worry about communicating my thoughts and feelings. That I should just do it in a way I find the most comfortable. Which is probably the greatest thing to hear, no?

Anyway, have to go now.

Nakedstreetkid out x πŸ™‚


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