A Desk

What’s the best purchase you ever made?

Well, I usually spend my money on experiences (and booze) rather than material things, so this is a hard question. Or, rather, would have been hard if I hadn’t spent my money about a week ago on a desk. So, for me, that’s one of my best purchases.

A desk.

And now, I know what you’re thinking “a desk!?” Of all things I could choose, I have chosen a desk. Well, let me explain.

I share a room with my younger sister. And before that, with all three of my sisters before two of the three went off to university. So, I have always had quite a cramped room. And therefore, no space that I could really call my own (other than my bed).

So, I decided to clear away all of the debris that my older sisters had left in the room and moved things around just to open up the space a bit more. Essentially, I started to make the room feel like my own, rather than the property of all three of my sisters. And in the space I made, I put a desk.

And I’m pretty damn proud of that. No matter how silly it may seem. 😛

Nakedstreetkid out x 😀


2 thoughts on “A Desk”

  1. I love this. I often get excited about ‘boring’ things. For example, I get excited by the food shopping being delivered even though I check what I have ordered a few hours before it arrives. Lol.

    Also mugs. I loooooove a new coffee mug. If I buy one, I will be worryingly exciting about using it when I get home. How tragic is that , lol!
    Also, new PJ’s. Wow, nothing is better than new jammies. Ever. Apart from maybe…new pj’s with a chocolate bar in the pocket…
    I want/need a desk myself, and I am sure that if or when I get one, I will be just as happy and may even hug it a little x

    1. That’s not even the least bit tragic! But it is exactly how I feel, the things that seem mundane or just plain boring are, quite often, the things that I appreciate the most.

      The only thing that would trump PJs for me would be a new set of really pretty duvet covers. Because I do love myself a new set of covers, just the comfort of jumping into something so pretty makes me smile.

      And I am exactly the same with food shopping! 😀 If I’ve gone to Icelands and bought a bunch of stuff for same day delivery, I get super excited when the bell rings with all of it. We are – for a lack of a better term – strange human beings, but that’s completely fine. Because we are the ones who truly appreciate that it is the smallest things that make the biggest difference. 😉😊

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