On Repeat

I remember one evening, I had a headache and couldn’t seem to fall asleep. So, I put on a playlist for slower days on repeat and left it to the side of me, eyes closed and head snuggled deeply into my pillow.

I only ended up falling asleep for a little over an hour. I know this only because I woke up to the same song I fell asleep to. It was strange. But only because it felt like I hadn’t fallen asleep at all and only had shut my eyes for a few seconds. And in that way, it was quite the bit beautiful. But it happened twice and that makes you wonder, doesn’t it.

I’ve been awake for the last six hours, thinking about it. Well, I thought about it for about 3 of those hours before finally deciding to watch something to get my mind off of it. Skins, to be precise. But that show has its own quality of trippy experiences, so I can’t really say it was a break from my thoughts. Rather, more of an attempt to busy my mind with someone’s own trippy experiences.

Hey, I’ve only just realised, maybe it’s time for me to go to bed now. It would be okay to do so, now, right?

Sigh. I am getting tired.

Nakedstreetkid out x


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