Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! :)

If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving today (or even if you’re not!), tell us about the best cook in your family.

To clarify, I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, never have. I’m British and it is not something we celebrate willy-nilly. Although, I know that as more and more Americans migrate here to Britain, there are more restaurants which celebrate it, so that’s nice. Cheap booze on a Thursday is superb, obviously, so no one is complaining.

But in regards of the question, I’m going to have to say my mother. She has to be the best cook in the house. And I don’t say that out of obligation but rather because it is the truth. The lady knows how to make so many different dishes it’s unbelievable. And I’m telling you, even if she doesn’t know how to, she can make a few educated guesses to replicate a few well known dishes. She’s pretty darn good.

It’s a shame because now that she is working, she doesn’t cook nearly as much as she used to.

But that’s why I can’t wait for Christmas! That’s when she spends about 2/3 days just cooking tons and tons of food for us, our friends and those we count as our extended family (family friends, yo!). And the food lasts for days after. All the way past New Years which is great. And we eat it for lunch and dinner and it STILL lasts that long. Isn’t that amazing.
Anyway, to clarify, my madre is the BEST cook of the house.

Nakedstreetkid out xx 🙂


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