A hospital visit

Strange enough, yesterday, I did not actually talk about the complete nervousness of which was my day.

Well, yesterday, I had to go to the hospital which was nerve wracking to say the least. I am generally not a massive fan of hospitals, so going in had me on edge.
Mainly because the smell of a hospital brought back some memories of being stuck in there because; a: I was a constantly sick as a child, and that meant I would always hate going to hospital despite my many illnesses; and b: my late uncle would always go to hospital because of cancer, and I would always be left alone to wonder and often got lost in its endless and foreboding halls.

I’m not one hundred percent sure if everyone has this where they live, but I more specifically went to the walk-in centre. And I went there because I had lost circulation partially in my middle finger. So, despite being fearful of the hospital, I was more afraid of never having the ability to say eff you to the rest of the world because my finger had to be amputated. So, with my finger still partially working, I bent it forward away from my other fingers and thumb, raised it to eye level and walked bravely into the hospital.

But there was no need for such bravery. What I hadn’t calculated in my highly anxious mind was the fact that most hospitals/walk-in centres in London had been renovated. So, unsurprisingly, they had lost the majority of that smell I had come to associate with hospitals. So, I’m pretty glad about that.

Anyway, everything turned out to be completely fine and I went home pretty satisfied.

Nakedstreetkid out x


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