Nostalgia’s Wrath

Where would I want to retire if money wasn’t an issue?

Oh, god. I’m not even anywhere near retiring age yet, and I’m thinking about this? Ha!

Okay, where would I retire…

The thing is, I haven’t seen enough of the world yet, experienced enough things to know where I would want to retire.

My guess would be, close to my future son or daughter, so when s/he has kids, I can be close by to help.

If I don’t have children of my own, then I would probably want to go back to where I was born. Or, at least close by. Really finish the cycle of life. There are certain places I like about the area I live in now, and I could revisit every single place when I get older and really appreciate what it meant to me then. My only hope is that the Nostalgia would not be too overwhelming.

I think that’s what I would like, to die close to where I was born so that I can complete the cycle.

Nakedstreetkid out x


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