Tangle me silly

So, my tangle toy has finally come in the post which I’m happy about.

Some of you may not know, but I have this condition called trichotillomania which is a long and complicated name for compulsive hair pulling. Recently it’s gotten quite bad, where I can just pull out hairs around my body for hours without really realising, so I ordered a tangle toy from amazon because I heard it helps. It’s something to distract your hands with.

And it has helped somewhat. Where I would have usually pulled out a lot of my eyelashes by now, I haven’t. So, I’m happy. But only time can tell how much it really helps, you know?

Anyways, hope everyone has a fantastic rest of the day.

Nakedstreetkid out 😛


3 thoughts on “Tangle me silly”

  1. I have trichotillomania as well. Actually dedicated my entire blog to it. I’m currently in recovery, hoping it manages it. Let me know how the toy goes! I had a spinner ring in the past.

    1. At one point, I thought about a spinner ring because it’s much more easier to hide and stands out less than a tangle. The only problem was that it was more expensive and the tangle was super cheap. But, did the spinner ring help at all?

      1. It did, but only for a short while. My Trich ended up needing more attention; the tangible tools weren’t working for me anymore. It was clearly something a lot deeper. That doesn’t mean they don’t work though! Everyone deals with Trich differently depending on the severity 🙂

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