Obladi Oblada everyone! :)

I am actually listening to ‘Obladi Oblada’ by The Liverpool Band, or, better known as The Beatles.

God, do I love this song.

The thing is, this song is such a feel-good tune that it’ll make you feel good despite whatever foul mood you are in. Seriously, just laugh along with the guy in the background and march on the spot, you’ll get to feeling it.

This song is up there with ‘I would walk 500 miles’ by the Proclaimers. Something you can sing along to, enjoy the story line and wave around your jazz hands to. Go ahead, sing it in an accent (or try, like I do) and pretend you’re in the a bloody music video. That type of song is always the bloody best. Oh, and of course ‘Amarillo’, but everyone knows that one, eh?

Anyway, it is currently 6am and I really must sleep otherwise I’ll be a cranky young thing in the morning.
Talk later!

Nakedstreetkid out! 😛


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