Passionate Pitstops

Today has been a little bit hectic.

I had an interview with a hospital as a role as a volunteer and for once, I did not prepare for it. Which is a strange thing for me to do. Especially as what often happens is that I over prepare for interviews and worry myself to the bone. Well, at least to the point until I’m having a damn near anxiety attack. But honestly, I prepared as little as humanly possible, only searching up the role and going through some very basic interview questions but I was not freaking out. I was actually surprisingly calm, given that I arrived just on time. And just on time in my book (for professional things like this) is late. But I was calm and just myself.

I got to meet these really lovely people and I had an overall good time. So much so that, if I don’t end up getting the volunteering, I’m completely okay with that. It was really nice to just meet such passionate people, all of which have different paths ahead of them but somehow managed to make this little pitstop on the road. Somehow, we’ve all managed to meet. And I really like that. There’s something magical about it.

Anyway, I’m clearly tired and ready to sleep, so I shall talk later.

Nakedstreetkid out x


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