Trippy dreams and strange awakenings

Okay, so, small tip for myself. Never write a post while falling asleep. You will accidentally delete text and you will not write with the fluidity you require to make a blooming good post.

Hm, I thought of posting an interesting dream that I had scribbled in the notes of my blackberry, but I couldn’t post it as it is. It had too many names of people I knew, too much personal things in general because it was a dream. Well, I had a dream again today. And it was about I and Hermione Granger. Plus, the characters of ‘Friends’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.

Yeah, I know. What the hell.

Funnily enough though, it was Hermione Granger’s irresponsibility and want to rebel against society that got us in a mess. She had stormed out of a frog conversion class and I had followed her (me having an obvious crush on her), with Ron and Harry trailing after us. Hermione and I had decided to enter this empty, and quite frankly abandoned 9 story store at the edge of town.

As soon as I figured out it was abandoned and the owner of the store kept running about in a shifty way, I wanted to leave. However, Hermione – the hottie of my dreams – wanted to continue her exploration of the store. And Harry and Ron being outside the store, gave us the thumbs up, all the while laughing at Hermione’s thirst for rebellious adventure. So, me being completely infatuated by her and slightly assured of the approval of Ron and Harry, I followed.

Funny thing is, I’ve had this dream before and I NEVER followed her. I was always like, you’re on your own. But that’s the thing love does, right? Makes you follow the person you got a crush on to your absolute doom.

I would recommend never to do that. Dream or otherwise. Because it turned into an absolute nightmare!

The store turned into an upward-going conveyer belt, reaching the sun. And this evil-like witch from Hansel and Gretel kept whispering to us to continue onwards and upwards. And we kept changing form. Frogs to humans to snakes. Ergh.

When we were too far up, and required the help of those bellow to save us, I decided to catch the attention of Ross (from ‘Friends’) and Calliope Torres (from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’) by creating a beautiful shaped sunset that was a little bit strange for the season. Ross, obviously the nerd, started researching it but wasn’t quite sure if it was us but luckily Calliope was able to affirm what he believed and helped us down.

Let’s just say I had a very new crush on Calliope and Harry and Ron were no longer my g’damn friends. The bloody enablers.

Nakedstreetkid out x 😛


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