Deleted files and silly stories

Okay, so, I wrote a post and then, as I was nodding off, I accidentally deleted it. Yeah, that actually happens.

Anyway, I’m writing it again now. To be honest, I have been writing about 5 different posts for today because there is so much to talk about and I just don’t want to recount the day with no thought. That would be silly. I want to share what I think about what has happened today, but I haven’t an idea of how I could do that. Especially as I’m slowly falling asleep and have to keep prying my eyes open with the small strength of my eyelids.

Falling asleep again… Ergh.

But, put simply (quickly), today has made me realise that maybe I do isolate myself and that in turn has made me lonely. And I’m trying not to do that anymore. My plan is to volunteer and get my driving licence and then do Paramedic Science.

God, I’m tired.

I’ll have to go then. I’m tired, you’re bored.

Talk later,

Nakedstreetkid out! xx


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