The good, the Bad and the Depressed

Hey, guys!

So, what I realised is that everything on my blog as of late has been damn near depressing. And I mean, that makes sense, given that I’m suffering from depression and all, but it’s sad! It implies that I literally do not have a single good day in my life, which is completely untrue. It’s just that, right now, for me, it is hard for me to see the good in my life. Understand that. Let it soak in. Rub it in and marinate your body with that little fact. Because it is going to stop. Or, at least, happen less.

I want to be completely real with you. Writing about happiness, rainbows and unicorns is difficult to do when your head is all over the place and the way you perceive the world is a little skewed. But no matter, I shall try to look at my life a little bit harder and try to find the positives instead of always stewing myself in the negatives. And the positives don’t necessarily have to be amazing, just real enough for me.

But, understand I may not always be able to. Like I said, I’m going to be as real as I can possibly be. And that means I am going to have good days, but more often than not, because I am depressed, I am going to have my bad days. But, hey, that shouldn’t last long because this girl is in therapy and determined to kick depression’s arse!

So, that was a little weird disclaimer that I, for some reason, felt I should put out there.

Hope you all have a blooming lovely day!

Nakedstreetkid out x 🙂


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