NaBloPoMo has started! (well, for me anyway :P)

So, ‘River’ is coming on telly in about 20 minutes and after that, I would like to get in bed and snuggle up to my teddy bear, so I shall post this now.

I’ve been a little bit late, but today, for me – 3 days ago for others – was the start of the magical world of consistent vlogging, blogging and novel writing everyday in the month of November. I have officially joined the bandwagon, so from me, you shall see an array of blog posts. Every. Day.

In advance, you must excuse me for any random scribbles of writing that I may (or may not, depends) post onto this blog that does not make sense. Everything I post will be basically unedited and for that reason, posted without hesitation. For example, with this, I have literally given myself 20 minutes to write a blog post. Which is a foreign concept to me in itself, but oh, bloody well. It’s not the end of the world. Nor is my writing ever going to grace someone or something with some sudden flicker of a miracle, so I don’t need to make it look pretty.

Although, you may see me edit a day after because of a grammatical error or spelling mistake. So, please excuse me, other than that, I will refrain from touching the things that I post.

So, to everyone out there, have a very happy VEDIN, NaNoWriMo and, to my fellow bloggers, have a very, very joyful NaBloPoMo! πŸ™‚

Shall blog again tomorrow.

Nakedstreetkid out x


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