Irritable moods and unproductive days

Because I die a little bit inside every time I leave my house, I cut my afternoon short and went BACK HOME. Amen. Why did I feel like that sentence needed or qualified Amen at the end of it like a statement? I have NO IDEA. Anyway, I digress.

Originally, what I planned was to go to this volunteering scheme that should lead to some paid work in the future, go to my school and then do shopping. I actually did not do all of that because I was in an incredibly irritable mood and I wanted to go back to sleep. So, instead, I just went to my volunteering and headed straight home. Hallelujah! Now that sentence certainly qualified for a religious affirmation because AT LEAST I went to that. Which sounds so ridiculous given that in the past I could do far more than that in a day.

I hate this lazy and unmotivated turn my life has taken. I really do wish I could just PUSH myself a little bit more.


I kind of hate all of that jazz.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to let out some steam as I have my therapy session. If you would like to hear about that, check out my post on Wednesday.

Other than that, I hope everyone has a more productive day than me and I shall post tomorrow.

Nakedstreetkid out x ;P


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