A simple helping hand

Hi, guys. I thought I’d announce that I don’t feel as destroyed anymore. I feel like new life has been breathed into me, as disgusting and gross as that sounds. And it’s strange because it happened quite suddenly.

I guess it started as I was having a terrible day. It was a silly terrible day, no real reason. Depressed and stressed out about… What? I don’t even know. Friends. Hating everyone and all that. And then I decided to go onto childline and just expel everything. Just say everything that was on my mind. I got through to this really lovely lady called Maria and she was so supportive. She reassured me and encouraged me to just do what I wanted to do. She made me realise that the summer isn’t actually over and I still have time. That makes me happy. She was really lovely.

I’m sure this isn’t relatable to anyone (when are they ever) but thought I’d post it anyway.

Nakedstreetkid out x