Self-inflicted thoughts

To be honest, I think I idealise people in my life so much. So much so, that they’re flaws have been painted right over by the good bits that I see. Literally, if someone has done something nice for someone I will automatically believe that person is an amazing person. If they do something nice for me I think they’re a god-like creature and I begin to idealise them. I feel like they’re above me in some way, and that’s hard to admit. I don’t expect anyone else to feel this way, because I constantly think that everyone around me is ten times better than me. I mean, yes, I’m human. Sometimes people annoy me, sometimes I think they’re being stupid but most of the time? They’re better at me in doing something. Every time. People are amazing. I am not. That has always been my life. How I’ve always thought.

Until I met my friends. That’s not to say that they’re less than me in anyway, but rather they’ve been able to highlight the flaws in people without letting it seem as if this limited a person in some way. Where as, with me, it seems that it was detrimental failure of a person to hold such a flaw. But my friends? They’re slowly teaching me that everyone – everyone – has a flaw, but they also all the good bits in between. And I should be able to see both without hating the person or idealising them.

I guess that’s it.

Nakedstreetkid out x šŸ™‚


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