A manual to growing up

I think the hardest thing about growing up is realising there isn’t a manual to life. There isn’t a cookie cutter solution to every problem that crops up in the world. 

I think that’s so hard to understand, in fact, I’m still not sure if I truly understand. But yesterday, I reached my breaking point, tears pouring down my face trying desperately to find a solution to something that was completely individual to me through google searches and yahoo answers. And nothing, no answer sufficed. Everything that was said didn’t make sense to me, I would still be left with a broken layer of scar tissue and I wasn’t comfortable with that. Which is silly, now that I think about it, thinking that I could steal the advice of others for someone else and apply it generously to my own wounds. That’s not how the world works. And I need to get out of the habit of not facing my own problems head on. 

Because I’ll have another day like yesterday, one which completely blind sides you for no other reason than a build up of emotions. 

Nakedstreetkid out x


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