Open letter: Why Napoleon (and historians) make me mad

I kind of hate Napoleon right now.

No one really debates about him anymore, everyone just happily agrees that he is some great military commander when in actual fact, he is not. He never really was. He just plagiarised the work, ideas and plans of men like Charlemagne and Hannibal and it’s annoying. It’s annoying to be obligated to study about such a man. I can’t find enough sources which offer a balanced argument on him and it’s frustrating because I so dearly need to write a 2000 word essay about him, with references to other historian’s views. But it’s hard to do. Especially with the lack of justified sources over the internet and in books. I find myself half the time trying to detangle the main story from the historians own views. Why is it so hard to just say what you think anymore?! Why must the whole world be politically correct? Is for respect? Please, tell me, because I am so confused. Why must you paint up your writing with horrific blobs of complicated words?! Why?! There is no need to do such a thing! Who are these historians trying so desperately hard to impress? It’s frustrating! Why can’t you just say that you hate the man or that you love the man or that you’re undecided? Why must you bunk and then debunk myths like it is a game. It is not a damn game. Just write coherently and everyone, including me, will love you.

Yours sincerely,

A frustrated history A-level student


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