So, I wasn’t really expecting this, but I got tagged in something that the darling wandering violet got tagged in. So, I am happily forced to answer away. Oh, I should probably mention that the rules are that you must answer 5 facts about yourself. In addition to that, you must tag 10 bloggers. Okay, if I have tagged you, of you go! 😀

If I do tag you, just know that I really enjoy your blog and that is why I am tagging you, okay, so…I tag:






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So, first off, I should list five interesting facts about myself. No necessarily interesting, but facts all the same.

First fact about myself is that I am horrendously late, to most things in my life. The common one being school of course, where I’m probably just on time enough to start running with a minute to spare from the station to my school, only to later realise that I’ve been using my phone which is a minute late anyway. Yay. Other late stories related to school include when I was in my secondary school and with my best friend, who was often late with me, we would synthesise the most ridiculous cover stories. Conversations with the teacher waiting at the school door would something like “oh, miss, she was sick on the way to school”, or “oh, miss, I had a terrible case of the nora virus where I was shitting from my anus one minute and then sicking up on the street the next, oh what a day miss!”, or, to be bluntly honest “miss, we couldn’t miss out on that wicked deal in teescos, two for one pound, someone call the ambulance!” Oh, and of course my birth, completely late for that, about a month or so I believe. I swear, my lateness is an inherited allele, somewhere deep within my genome. Of course, I have a range of other instances where I was so terribly late that I almost pushed myself into a state of absolute terror, circulating the drain of near panic attacks. But they are all for another time and are frankly to long to tell.

Okay, so the second fact about dear old me, is that I play the violin. And some people get really surprised about that. I think it’s because I’m so clumsy in the real world that if I were to play the violin it would sound like a cat having auditory hallucinations while subsequently drinking from an alcoholic beverage, drunk on the suspicion that people are out to get her. But yeah, I do, I do play the violin. At first, completely not by choice, my music teacher roped me into it by promising free piano lessons. But, by the end of about 6 months I fell in love with the instrument and have been playing it ever since. What a nice ending to a cautionary tale.

Anyway, third fact about myself… Now, I’m debating on what to tell you guys because there’s nothing that is supremely interesting about me and my life. But, I guess since we’re half way through I might as well tell you something that you could’ve guessed. I write poetry. A lot of it. Some, I post up here, some, I write on a piece of paper and for that reason, some I just lose. Completely. They go off the face of the Earth. Which is really my fault because for some reason I believe that scrunching it up and placing it in my bag will somehow, someway make it much safer. But it never really does. So some poems do kind of get lost forever. Boohoo. Most of my poems are also incredibly sad, as you can tell if you have read any.

Now, I’m getting tired, so Im going to list the rest off.

Four, I have a blackberry still. That I destroyed 3 months ago, fixed and then destroyed again last week. Oh, the woes of my life.

Five, I love sport. Like, love it. I used to rock climb regularly, did judo (almost threw down a judo olympian), played rounders and cricket. I got this medal from the David Beckham’s academy a few years ago for demonstrating leadership and I’m the goal keeper for my school’s Netball team. And because of that, I get to wear a really cute uniform and what not. (oh, no. My girly side out for the prowl)

Anyway, that’s all that I can think of right now.

Damn, I have school tomorrow, and I cannot be late for that. ;P

Good luck with everyone participating in the fun! 🙂

Nakedstreetkid out! 😀



  1. Oh gosh I must confess I love the subtle humour in your writing!! And thank you for tagging me, what an honour! *bows* I never realised how difficult it is to think of facts about oneself o.o I shall get on it 💪

    1. I’m glad you like my writing style 🙂 And yes, it is extremely difficult to think of five facts about yourself, let alone the ones that you feel comfortable to share ;P But it’s a great learning curve, what would you like the world to know about you? The good, the bad and the ugly. Don’t be afraid for the world to see you, you’ll be pleasantly surprised about their response… I look forward to reading your post 🙂

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