Becoming THAT type of blogger

I’m the type of blogger who will check everyday for one notification alert on their dashboard.

Now, I never used to be like this. I used to be fairly normal with everything. Like, I wouldn’t even really care about the whole notification thing, and it would be an absolute surprise when I’d see something change on my page. I would be completely surprised when I saw someone either liking some of my content or following me promptly after liking my content. It was weird and lovely. So, I didn’t mind putting things up more regularly. Which was whenever I wanted to. Rather than letting it marinate in the memory of my phone and picking it up when I thought it was ready. No, I just posted it. And, I miss those days. When I blogged for myself, and not to gain views or likes or follows. When I wrote for myself and wasn’t dangerously wounded when I didn’t get a like or a follow or a view after posting one of my blogs.

I do think this problem occurred after I started to expect these things that are completely reliant on other people to happen. And you do hear a lot about people struggling with this, and a lot more about experienced bloggers screaming back “blog for yourself, not for your audience!”

I should’ve listened to the warning. And I still am going to listen to the warning.

Guys, it’s Friday, I haven’t finished my homework and I have school on Monday.

Peace and love.

Nakedstreetkid out x 🙂


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