Published without hesitation: Dystopian themed dreams

It’s sunny and I can see everything.

How messy my bedroom is, how messy I am, the way my stacks of books look (disjointed and slightly askew). And the fact that I still haven’t gotten out of my bed. I can still see that. Oh, and the additional fact of “I don’t want to!” Get out of my bed and continue with my life.

There are a few things in life that you don’t want to hear. And most of them are from your subconscious, dressed in the cloak of your therapist in a dream telling you that you’ve got to start looking after yourself. That the condition you have put yourself in now, is not good enough.

Which is frustrating to hear because it’s not just my fault. It’s everything in between as well as my fault. But I guess I’m just one of the many variables and I am the one that I have the most control over when in comparison to everything else. Which is annoying to accept because I want to pretend otherwise.

Ugh! Waking up being this thoughtful because I get trapped and almost get killed in a dystopia within a dream has its drawbacks. But it also has its own advantages.

Nakedstreetkid out ;P x


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