Mistakes to learn from

It takes courage to own up to mistakes.

We all know this. From the time we are children and have to learn from our faults in behaviour. We have all had the luxury to grow from out mistakes because of the excuse of youth. However, this luxury in admitting our faults lessens somewhat as we grow older. We are judged more harshly as the number of years we have been on this Earth increases. I want to say that this small fact is unfair, however, that would be a lie. It is fair. Especially considering that we have had more time to collect knowledge than, let’s say, a five year old child. But, you can only admit and realise your mistakes as soon as you are honest with yourself.

Learning to be honest with yourself is probably one of the hardest things to do. Now, I understand for some people that this skill comes naturally to them. However, you have to understand for others, that skill is something that needs to be developed. As my History teacher says, anyone can support their points, but to go against it is almost to against their instinct, now that is the hardest part.

And I completely agree. For me, it is instinctive to ignore all the evidence to the contrary that I have made a fault, that I have made a mistake. I’m not talking about those easy faults that everyone makes, like, “oh, shoot, maybe I shouldn’t have spent that much money, damn.” To me, those are easy mistakes to make, simply because they are so easy to learn from. No, I’m talking about those big mistakes. The ones where you cannot laugh it off. The ones where you question the very content of your character and begin to wonder why on Earth you did it. Why? And these mistakes often emotionally (or physically) harm you or someone else.

And that is probably the most hardest part of making a mistake, admitting that you have made one.

Honesty can be hard. Don’t get me wrong, it can be. Telling yourself how wrong you are in any situation is so dangerously hard. But that shouldn’t scare you, because the consequence of such admittance is so beneficial to your development as an adult and in my case, as a teenager.

I don’t know guys, there’s a lot on my mind. And I realise this probably doesn’t make sense, but I’ve decided to post it anyway.

Nakedstreetkid out 😛 x


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