Trial and Error

I’m really enjoying the idea that my life is in my hands now. Before, I hated it. Who wants to be told that their whole life is reliant on the decisions that they make for themselves. Good, bad, ugly. All of that – it sounds blooming terrifying.

But, I guess if I want to start to make my stamp on society, I’ll have to realise that the consequences can be devastating. That they can cripple my chances to ever progress again. But I also need to know they can be fantastic. Absolutely brilliant. I just have to have the courage to try the things I want to try and not be too scared. I mean, there are consequences to absolutely everything. But, the very worst consequence of not doing is something is regretting not doing something, right?

I’ve been basically thinking to myself that, I’m not university material. But, damn flabbit, I don’t know that yet. I can’t assume that simply because I’m not one hundred percent ready for it. I’m ready enough. I know what I have to do. I just got to get on doing it.

I’m listening to A change is gonna come by Otis Redding.

How ironic.

Nakedstreetkid out 😉


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