Something… functional


That’s how I feel at the moment. Everything feels manageable. As if I can deal with all the bad that collapses often upon my life. It feels good. It feels okay.

Maybe I’ll ask my best friend what she’s up to today? Maybe I’ll go skateboarding? Or, maybe I’ll take a crack at my homework? Yeah, maybe I’ll do that. What usually happens is that I’m so out of it, so jittery that I can’t concentrate on anything. But, today, I’m okay.

You’d absolutely laugh if you knew what I was listening to right now. I’m basically listening to all the old skool (I spell things weirdly) songs that remind me of good things, I guess. Do you remember I’m like a bird by Nelly Furtado? Never Ever by All Saints?

Love it. Both songs.

I really want to go for a run. A jog, rather.

I don’t know how to express to you how lovely it is to exit the dysfunctional mood I was in throughout the last two weeks. It’s… Amazing, spectacular, beautiful.

I really don’t know what I want to do first. I don’t know how long this feeling of freedom will last. It feels as if I’m free from the problems that weigh heavily upon my shoulders. I don’t want to waste it on something that doesn’t need it in order for it to be done. I don’t want to waste it.

Hopefully it lasts long enough to do everything I want to do.

Fingers crossed.

Nakedstreetkid out 🙂


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