Well done, A

It was partly because A now had a life
A’s golden hair standing on end
A was a sun that blemished my childhood

But A claimed to be a hair dresser
Refining the work of God
Trimming away human’s distasteful need to grow

A said the customers were usually celebrities
Their laughs almost obnoxious
Their screeches of disapproval cutting too finely into the cold air

But because A’s manager understood A’s perils
A never got sacked
I wish A had gotten sacked

It would have made these thoughts less painful
The way A’s hand would skim higher and higher up my legs
Penetrating through my innocence with a single glance

I hate A

But now A had a life

A’s life was full of pride
A’s parents, friends, family were all proud of A
Well done A

Congratulations on zip locking my self-worth
Hammering away my pride and covering it in a cloak of shame

I really appreciate it


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