Friendly perspective

I miss my friends.

In that weird I-haven’t-seen-y’all-for-so-fudging-long kind of way. It was great because for the first time in a long time I felt refreshed. And that is so rare now-a-days because I’ve just been stressed with school, mainly. You see, because these friends were from my secondary school, seeing them allowed for a subtle disruption in my routine. Seeing them allowed me to gain perspective. It allowed me to see that I was being self-involved and hella selfish for the last few days.

I really want to be happy but that won’t happen until I decide to fight for my happiness. Until I do things because I want to instead of looking over my shoulder and making sure I please everybody else. I want to do things for other people but I need to learn to strike up a balance between being selfish and being selfless. It is not black or white, there is an in-between and gosh darn it, am I going to find that middle.

Nakedstreetkid out! ;P


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