Walking on thin ice

Every morning I drag myself out of bed
Mentally and then physically
Pushing away the heavy quilt lying across my body
Like a fallen angel standing upon it

My warm feet kisses the cold floor
Reminding it of the warmth that had been lost
Reminding me of the ice I must walk upon everyday
Skidding and slipping across it
Until it is no longer as thick and durable as it was before
Until it is thin and threatening to break beneath me
And it does
Pulling me in by first the ankles
Shackling me there, underneath the cold, liquidised molecules
And then I am grabbed by the calf. And then the knee, and then the thigh.
Before I am slowly sinking
Until my body is completely submerged in water
And can no longer move

I’m hidden beneath the ice
My eyes following the movement of feet slowly
Flickering across my eyes like a TV with bad signal
A noise of static drags itself across my ears
Drowning out my heart that is beating out of my chest
And creating sonar radars in the cold water
Hoping for someone to find me here


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