Time management and stress

I’ve bitten off more that I can chew. I know it and everyone around me knows it because it is glaringly obvious that I cannot cope with everything I have chosen to take on. I’ve decided to do a million and one things because I – ignorantly – believe that it would be fun to. In retrospect, I believe I’m only doing 3 major things, which is in actual fact taking up a lot of my time.

1) School: Well, hey, that’s kind of mandatory, isn’t it? I have to do that because I want to go to university and I want to try and do well in my A-levels. And that’s mainly because I don’t want grades to limit my choices in the future. It’s as simple as that.

2) Spoken-word poetry: I absolutely love spoken-word poetry and I want to continue to progress in it. I want to improve and be as great as Sarah Kay, Shane Koyczan or Joelle. They are amaze balls and I want to reach that level. But it’s super hard to commit to it outside of school and stuff.

3) Organising events: I love organising things which help other people showcase their talent or give others the opportunity to network. I love it. The one I’m doing at the moment is actually quite major and because of it I’ve been incredibly overwhelmed recently and I’m trying not to be. But I can’t help it. So, I’ve been over relying on my friend to take up most of the responsibility which is so wrong of me to do and I want to help but I also don’t want to get in her way. So, I’m in bit of a pickle.

That’s it basically. I guess, writing it down has made me realise that most of the problem comes from my desire to give a hundred percent to everything that I am doing. And I need to realise that right now I can’t. Maybe, time management would really help? I don’t know, I’ll try managing my time for a week and see how it goes. Which will surely work but it will take time before I start seeing progress.

But, right now, I have bitten more off that I can chew and now, I am beginning to choke.

Nakedstreetkid out -_-


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