Pop culture at its finest

I remember when everyone wished on this date in 2011. You know, 11/11/11. When I say everyone, I mean everyone. Because for once, we were all working on the same format because each number was identical. What I mean by that the American and British have different ways of writing the date, as I’m sure you all know. For example:

September 14th 2014

Americans: 9/14/14
British: 14/9/14

You see, the difference? That used to confuse the heavens out of me before I started realising the trend and it started to make sense.

Anywho, 11/11/11 is universal for make a wish because its so rare. And I remember coming home from school and onto the computer where I would see tons of posts on Tumblr, saying how they hoped everyone had a made a good wish. And I was so annoyed because I didn’t know I could make a wish, and there was so much a wanted to wish for that it seemed unfair. Then, I started wondering what time zone they were working in when they introduced 11:11:11 into it. It seemed crazy. But it only seemed crazy because I was jealous I hadn’t made a wish. Oh, well, it was one of those things.

One of those pop culture things I couldn’t engage in because I was ignorant to its workings.

After that I pretty much committed myself to the study of interesting pop culture. Basically, I moulded myself into a Tumblr drone and followed weird and wonderful blogs. Got minimal “asks” and joined in the collective sorrow of not receiving a single one in my existence. It was quite fun. Made me feel a part of something.

And I think that’s what pop culture does. It sets the norm – the foundation for all of internet culture. If you swim away from this culture, you become weird and wonderful and what not.

I’m sorry that this is so unstructured. I’ll try to do a better job tomorrow.

Nakedstreetkid out! 🙂


1 thought on “Pop culture at its finest”

  1. No need to apologise I think the free structure approach suits your views on the topic because you weren’t completely happy. I agree that pop culture does define certain norms for our technological generation, however we are by no means defined by our choice to conform to those. I have very few social media sites (and no Tumblr) because I don’t think its necessary to have them. Anyway great work with the regular uploads, please rest as well. I also noticed the edit on your tagline and it simply marks the progress in a passing year ✌ 从欣妍 – From Xinyan.

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