grow timid

I wonder what they feel
Do they feel power in their glares?
Eyes full of anger
Waiting for you to despair?

Their teeth grind away
Chewing on their hate
Consuming through their meal
Do they wait?

Wait for you to serve them
Wait for you to bow and kneel
Hold out your key to them
Fast behind their heels

It was strange when you got up
Marched away, only to return with his paper
Each step growing timid as you approached him
How could you feel safer?

Sit next to him
Feed him his food
Maybe he’ll treat you nicely
If he’s in the mood

No hits when you get home
No shouting or screaming
No cheeks hitting the floor
Nor skin on your body peeling

You’ll be safe for now
You’re hidden in the crowd
Your face a blur
Just be careful not to say a word


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