A page, a word, a dictionary

There is a certain beauty lost from no longer being able to scan a dictionary. The physical kind. The one that exists as a massive pile of printed lines, crystalised into the form of words. There are times when I miss it, where I wonder how many more words a day would I absorb by simply opening up a dictionary and flicking through the pages. It’s okay though, these are all habits I could develop. They’re all things that I can trigger if I just pick up a dictionary.

Do you know, Eminem would pick up a dictionary everyday so that he could learn new words. So that he could expand his vocabulary. Because, all he wanted to do was be the best rapper but he was – and always has been – one of those rapper that value the power of his words. The metaphors he uses, everything. It’s amazing. It’s damn well close to admirable.

I love words, and I love when I’m able to string new words together with the old. Words are beautiful, and I envy their beauty.

Nakedstreetkid out x 🙂


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