Upside Down World

When I was four
I would hang my head from a wooden chair rather than my legs
I would walk on my hands rather than my feet
Treading carefully across the cold ground
Kissing it softly with the grip of my hands as I aimed to remain in balance

Seeing the world upside down had its perks
The sofa no longer looked like a torn, ragged throne that my father would occupy
It now looked calm, transforming into a radiant fire as the sun slapped against it
Allowing silver, red and orange to sparkle

The mirror no longer looked like a sheet of reflection
But rather a portal to another world where the fire of the couch rained above me
And as I held onto the lava floor
A floor made from circular patterns spinning against my palms
I walked towards the portal on my hands
Slowly at first and then suddenly, running towards it

I regretted it instantly
A ray of sun had hit me against my face
Searing my skin with its fiery vengeance
Mercilessly hitting me again from another angle

I tumbled down clumsily, trying desperately to dodge its rays
And suddenly upside down world was gone
Disappearing behind the mirror

As I lay down on the carpet
Waiting for my mother to find me


2 thoughts on “Upside Down World”

  1. Your poems tend to be written with a sense of melancholy, but it leaves me gripped. After reading this I was contemplating how I could balance myself upside down so that I could experience the world just like the speaker in your poem. Hopefully through writing poetry you can find solace, but then don’t make the mistake I made to stop writing poetry; because your work is truly special 🙂 从欣妍

    1. The speaker is actually me, when I was a child. It’s one of those weird things I would do when I was child – I would do handstands because the world would seem to transform itself. And, regardless of the reality, this world seemed like an adventure I was willing to have.

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