Extreme politeness

Sometimes, in order to counteract my politeness, I take out a please or thank you from my sentences. I, of course, have one of the other. But in order to not pollute my sentences with politeness, I take a few out. It’s mostly because I feel like no one with take me seriously if I’m constantly saying please and thank you. Basically littering the beginning and end of my sentences with so many courtesys that you simply get sick of hearing them.

I used to be that kid that would always say sorry for everything. Sorry for dropping my pencil, sorry for breathing loudly, so god damn sorry for not looking where I was going when you bumped into me. I was that type of kid. Always apologising. I almost apologised for being alive once. Simply because I thought it was something that I ought to apologise for. The constant apologies in addition to the please and thank you’s kind of sullied by reputation. Not that I really had one to begin with. But I think it really painted me pathetic.

Of course, I’m not saying that someone who has manners is pathetic! I’m just simply saying that in my opinion I was incredibly pathetic for doing it all the time, after every word. I mean, there has to be a god damn limit to how many times you apologised a day. It made me look weaker than I actually was, all those sorry’s and pleases and thank you’s. Made me look damn well weary to be alive. I didn’t like it. And I still don’t like it.

I still do it, you know? When I’m half day-dreaming, half there. Or when I’m tired or something. It’s kind of become an automated response for me. You know, kind of ingrained into who I am. Not that I like it too terribly but it is what it is.

I’m not saying that I’m completely rude, though, so don’t get it twisted. All it is, is that instead of asking and saying a please at the end of sentence all the time, I leave it out. And when they give me what I asked for, I add a thank you. It just makes me sound a little more human and a little less stiff. Makes me not sound like I’m serving them, like a servant or something.


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