Quick and random thoughts

It is very hard to tell exactly why I like Sylvia Plath. I’m not sure anymore. Before it was so simple. It was because of her book The Bell Jar. But now, not so much. I should probably read the novel again but I’m beginning to doubt if I will. You see, I have found her poems. They have become a sufficient enough device to learn from I believe.

I am currently listening to John Green reading Lady Lazarus because it is amazing. The poem. John Green is amazing as well. Sorry. I think I just conformed to a stereotype. But the weird thing is that I never realised I was conforming to the social norms of being a teenager when I started reading his books. It was years ago. When I watching vlogbrothers and there was this appealing hype around him writing the book. But it’s pretty damn good, you know? His books make me cry and laugh and all those other emotions which are hard for me to identify.

I’m actually in the business of roaming the city. And I ended up deciding against taking my skateboard because it was raining in the morning. See, I didn’t want my wheels and bearings to be ruined by all that rain. I didn’t realise that everything would dry up as particularly fast as it did. But hey. That’s London for you. It will rain a tsunami one minute and then dry up like a desert the next. Hm. Maybe that’s not just London then. Maybe it’s blooming global warming.

How crazy and unexpected.

I think I should get off and walk soon. I’m on a bus taking me to oxford circus. But maybe I should walk as soon as I get into central London. It should be fun.

Right now I’m trying to find wi-fi but it is exceptionally hard to stay true to one hot spot when you’re moving all the time. So I’ll get out soon and publish.


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