A spontaneously planned adventure in London

An adventure is fully needed today. My phone is charged, there is free wifi everywhere, meaning I could update whenever I want and I’ve got a bus pass that will let me onto buses for free.

I’m going to put my phone on aeroplane mode. That way no one can phone me. Because I think that I’ll damn near have a heart attack the next time someone phones me. Because I know for a fact that I’ll say yes if they want to go out instead of no. Even though I really want this day to myself. It would be so nice to just spend time with myself.

This day is usually for myself anyway. Sunday being the day of rest and all. Please, don’t think that I’m especially religious because I use Sundays as my day of rest. It’s just that I’m of the belief that if God had a day of rest, then so should I. So should everyone. It’s a little bit of self care that goes a long way to keeping you sane. Plus, Sundays are easier to remember than any other day because of the Bible reference and all.

I’m going to explore London. I may or may not take my skateboard. It depends how long I want to carry it for.

But I do know that I need to get back before 4 to help out my brother. Ah, the mediocre perils that occur when planning a spontaneous day out.

Anyway, better go get ready. Byes x


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