The Pictures

So, I’m in front of a cinema – you know. Those old, worn out ones which are barely scraping in pennies (presumely) – and I’m trying my best not to be so sad. It’s not the cinema’s fault, right? It’s just that today has not been a good day.

I’ve, somehow, managed to upset two of my closest friends. I feel so crappy because of it. But I’m trying to pretend that it doesn’t affect me. When it clearly does. When, clearly, I’m sitting in front of an old, rustic museum of a cinema and feeling like a crappy friend.

There’s nothing that I can do but apologise another day. And hopefully next time I’ll do things right.

I’m hoping someone will come up to me and say hi. But I don’t think anyone would. This is London after all. We don’t do things like that too often.


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