Growing Pains

I think that the older I get, the more I realise that no one is immune to the growing pains of being a teenager. We all hurt, we all think no one understands us, we all go through an identity crisis. No matter how mature we are. No matter how much we have been through. No matter how much we are going through. Everything will always just spiral out of control. And we’ll never have any grasp on anything. And no matter how much we try we can’t dodge the pain of growing up. We can never dodge the pain of finding our place in the world. And I think that sucks. Because that pain, that pain is a pain in the ass. Because no matter how many times I get up, I fall right back down again. Every. Damn. Time. That’s why I say it’s a spiral. Because it’s easier to slide down a spiral than claw your way up. So much damn easier to fall than to climb.

What a damn pain. What a damn pain in the backside.


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