I wonder when and how people figure out a revolution is over? When did the French think that there’s was over? How? Is it even over?

That’s what I keep on thinking. Even though I’m supposed to be doing my homework, I’m thinking about revolutions and such. Because it doesn’t make sense. Aren’t you supposed to KNOW when something begins and when something ends? But it seems, with revolutions, it isn’t as clear cut as that. Which sucks a little more than usual.

When did the word “revolution” stop meaning going through the full 360. By that I mean when did revolutions stop meaning that you end where you began. Now it means something completely different. It means that you do a complete 180. It means that you stick with the changes that you have made.

Maybe it WAS the French revolution that changed the definition of “revolution”. But I say that assuming that the French revolution is completely over when that’s clearly not the case. The people are still unhappy it seems, there are still loads of riots from people demanding things. Maybe they haven’t finished the cycle and are still in the process of the traditional sense of a revolution. Maybe I’ll be alive to experience this 360. Maybe I won’t.

I do realise that it probably isn’t plausible considering that the French royal family is dead. Or maybe they’re not. Because if my history is correct Mary Antoinettes children survived all those head chops. But I could be wrong. And besides, I don’t think it’ll fix anything.

I guess it’s just our hopeful minds reeling on the word, hoping that the word “revolution” means evolving and not revolving like the name suggests.

Maybe the only reason a revolution is deemed finished is because it no longer has any new ammo because all it’s initial demands have been met. Or maybe it’s because the severity of the violence has stopped.

Meh, what do I know? I’m just a 17 year old Londoner who is SUPPOSED to be doing her biology homework but is not. Oh, well.

Nakedstreetkid out! 😉

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