My little sister

Sometimes I honestly forget how old my sister is. She get involved in clubs which are for older pupils such as MUN (model united nations) and she is constantly giving me advice as if she has been on this Earth for decades. Like real, amazing advice I would expect from grandparents. Have you ever experienced that type of wisdom your grandparents? Even though I don’t have a living grandparent nor a rolemodel I can go to her for help. I have her. I have my sister. And I write this now simply because I don’t believe I should ever forget it.

But I do forget that she is just 12. When she asks me whether we can play a quick game of jenga or even cards I turn her down because I think “isn’t she older than that”. But no, she isn’t. She’s 12. She acts beyond her years and quite frankly, it slips my mind of her actual age.

I don’t know why I really wrote this here. I guess I had to let someone know.


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