My little sister

Sometimes I honestly forget how old my sister is. She get involved in clubs which are for older pupils such as MUN (model united nations) and she is constantly giving me advice as if she has been on this Earth for decades. Like real, amazing advice I would expect from grandparents. Have you ever experienced that type of wisdom your grandparents? Even though I don’t have a living grandparent nor a rolemodel I can go to her for help. I have her. I have my sister. And I write this now simply because I don’t believe I should ever forget it.

But I do forget that she is just 12. When she asks me whether we can play a quick game of jenga or even cards I turn her down because I think “isn’t she older than that”. But no, she isn’t. She’s 12. She acts beyond her years and quite frankly, it slips my mind of her actual age.

I don’t know why I really wrote this here. I guess I had to let someone know.



I haven’t written on this website for a long time. And that’s partly why this is all jumbled and random and makes no sense at all.

Right now, I am so amazingly tired of all the arguments happening in my house. Maybe I should alert you to my family structure and such (if that sentence even makes any sense). I’m the second youngest, and then I have my younger sister, two older sisters and the eldest is my brother. So my mum (which is still present in my life unlike my father who I no longer consider a figure of any sort in my life) gave birth to five kids in total. I guess, by my very quick and inaccurate mathematical skills my mum gave birth to my brother when she was in her 20’s.

I’ve lost my keys. This was a while ago and I think I’ve told almost everyone with the ability to at the very least comprehend the sudden loss of keys. My mother doesn’t know but I’m worried she will find out soon because I have to pay for my locker keys which sucks.

Right now I’m just spilling everything and anything onto this blog entry so bare with me please.

I’ve started reading this book or novel or whatever you feel like calling it because I am not known to be very accurate. Wait, where was I? Ah, yes. Okay. The book is called Carrie and I believe it’s by Stephen King but I could be wrong as I am reading it on my kindle which means that I don’t see the authors name like I would a book every time I pick it up. Which may not make sense unless I explain it now. So, usually your brain is able to scan an area and pick up key features as your subconscious pretty much absorbs bit of information which (I think) tries to be stored for as long as possible in your short term memory. However, if you do not repeat this, it will not be transferred to your long term memory and eventually you will forget it all. And I am currently in the process of that and that is why I cannot remember the author.

How I write and what I write often plays on my mind. It is right now, anyway. So, I’m thinking are they going to like it, is it too open for them, too truthful, you know? And I hate putting people in that type of position.

From all of this I guess I will write whenever I fell comfortable. Whenever I need to really. Like, I prefer to write all of my work up onto my phone. And so I have this app where I’m typing this up.

K, I’m tired. Gonna go to sleep now. Nightie night x

Nakedstreetkid out 🙂